JW168 Seaview Summer Sunset



Summer, the Seaview piers owner’s wife asked me to take a sunset photo of the pier as a gift for her husband. So on a beautiful summer evening on North Topsail Island, I captured this moment in time. Little did I know that just months later, the end of the pier would be destroyed by Hurricane Florence which made landfall just miles from Topsail Island in September 2018.

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8×10 Matted Photo, 13×19 Print, 8×12 Canvas (Mini), 5.5×16 Canvas (Pano Mini), 20×30 Canvas, 24×36 Canvas, 36×54 Canvas (Jumbo), 16×48 Canvas (Pano), 20×60 Canvas (Pano), 24×72 Canvas (Pano Jumbo)


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