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You can watch this film for FREE anytime at https://youtu.be/jNHP5nQHuIQ  But if you still want to own a copy for personal use, it is available on DVD (720 HD resolution) or Blu-Ray (1080 Full HD resolution). 52 minutes.

In 1955, a bridge connecting the mainland of North Carolina to Topsail Island opened. For 63 years, it allowed a quaint fishing village to grow into a thriving summer beach vacation destination. But the retirement and removal of the aging iconic Surf City Swing Bridge for the new high rise bridge evokes feelings from locals and annual vacationers. Many have STRONG feelings about it. But why? Jeff Wenzel, a Topsail artist, speaks with members of the community and learns why.

Film preview here: https://youtu.be/9pozHJGG2w0?list=PLDRE4X7OuYI1RpR4Ojpi5FlMYyXAIHS7o


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DVD (720 HD Resolution), Blu-Ray DVD (1080 Full HD Resolution)


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