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New Surf City Bridge Could Be Open By Christmas 2018

Today, the North Carolina DOT announced that there is a $3 million incentive on the table for the contractor building the Surf City Replacement Bridge. Balfour Beatty won the $54 million contract and began construction in September of 2016.  The bridge is scheduled to open September 25, 2019, but the contractor will be awarded a $10,000 bonus each day that the bridge is open to traffic prior to the completion date, up to 300 days.  Speaking at the Topsail Area Kiwanis Club, Trevor Carroll of the NC DOT gave the example, “If the bridge opens on September 24, 2019, Balfour Beatty will get an extra $10,000.”  This means that the contractor has a $3 million incentive to have traffic on the bridge by Christmas of 2018.

Yes, folks, it is quite possible that this is the last tourist season that the Surf City Swing Bridge will be around.

Watch massive girders being installed.

Pictures of the current Surf City Swing Bridge.

NC DOT info on the project.

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2 thoughts on “New Surf City Bridge Could Be Open By Christmas 2018

  1. Has a name been decided on for the new bridge. Was talked about naming it after long time resident Angelo DePeola

    1. Good question. I have not heard it has.

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