Swing Bridge Piece On Plaque


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A 12×16″ limited availability maple wooden plaque with a laser engraved silhouette of “The Final Sunrise” image. This image was taken 12/4/2018, the day the new Surf City Bridge opened and the last sunrise the Surf City Swing Bridge was operational. The metal piece of the Swing Bridge is in the shape of an “x” with each section of the brace measuring approximately 9″. The piece of the bridge was cut by Balfour Beatty, the construction company who built the new bridge and was responsible for the complete removal of the Swing Bridge, per the NCDOT contract. Each plaque has “1955-2018” and “Surf City Swing Bridge” laser engraved on the wooden plaque

All bridge pieces contain some rust or wear and tear. If you would prefer an especially rusty piece, write that in the comments when you place your order.


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