Puzzle: Surf City’s Three Bridges (JW183)



I’m excited about the 2019 puzzle. At such a unique time in the life of Topsail Island, I thought it was only fitting to celebrate the new bridge, memorialize the Swing Bridge and remember the past history of Topsail Island.  The 2019 puzzle will feature a beautiful aerial image taken during the ribbon cutting ceremony of the new Surf City bridge + capturing one of the last working hours of the Swing Bridge + a tribute to the original pontoon bridge = “Surf City’s 3 Bridges”. I’m excited to show this little known part of Topsail’s history. To get it right, I spent hours gathering images of the pontoon bridge, laying out the location, photoshopping in the pontoon bridge, then visiting older locals showing the rendition and asking for their feedback/corrections, making adjustments, etc…
If you have put together one of the 3 previous puzzles featuring my images, you know how good the quality is of these puzzles which are made in the triad of North Carolina. The 1,000 piece puzzle measures 24×30″ and is suitable for framing.
Order one for yourself and order another as a gift!


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